Miranda: “You’re going to be a bad heir.”
Zane: “I know! That’s because I don’t like children.”

The Generation Three Heir is Zane!

Zane will be continuing The Silver Legacy. Thanks for voting!

From now, the tag will be ‘silver gen 3' if you would like to follow. (:

Anonymous whispered: I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOUR SIMBLR SO MUCH!!! especially the silver legacy!! xxxx

Ah thank you so much!! Ahh x] So glad you enjoy my Simblr and the Silver legacy. Thank youu <3

I attempted me! (‘:

Anonymous whispered: how do you take a screenshot of sims 4?? I CANT FIGURE IT OUT. :(

I just print screen, put it into Paint and save it as JPG (:

Raymond Ellis

Crystal Armstrong, first Sim I’ve made with Sims 4 CAS Demo <3

Orgin User Names!




With the Cas demo now available to everyone and the game coming out soon what’s everyone’s user name?

Tumblr Name               Orgin Name 


Awwnooboo - LittleWing666

heavensims -> heavenlyrenegade

LoopyLiss! Everybody, feel free to add~ (:

He’s sitting in potty pee that spilt over while playing with toys…