I aged Harold up, and he looks adorable~

Currently he’s a Social Butterfly with the Self-Assured trait

Anonymous whispered: A few more let's plays of Sims 4 and I finally built up the courage to buy it! Probably not the best idea ever to have downloaded it off Origin, but the code was cheap on Amazon (cheaper than Origin and in stores!) so I definitely can't complain :)

Ah sweeet! Either way, you got it and I really hope you enjoy it! It’s so great and I’m really having so much fun with it. I’m sure you will too. (:



Basically what the Text Says. EA has officially ignored Modders on this issue and maybe, just maybe with enough pushback from the community EA will actually listen and help us get it working. We need you to basically bring a big voice to the EA forums and push EA to give us alpha editable hairs. If you want to see hairs like this Anto 84 conversion up and running, then we need your help!! 

What you can do!

Here is the thread by me and Orangemittens on the issue (Post to this, Keep it bumped up to the top, make it known to EA that you want this to happen. Bump it higher than Snooki’s hair)

I usually don’t reblog stuff but this is important if we ever want ts4 sims to be able to compete with the look of ts3. ;_; Without this, it’s gonna be a whole lot of ea hair.

Luna: “I’m going to name you Harold because why not?” 

Meet little Harold Marigold, the first little baby boy!

Time to say hello to the first of generation two…