Whoops, Neri’s hair got removed … 

Oh well~

Turns out Fern, even being a Plantsim, can actually reproduce! 

That little cutie right there is her daughter, Robin~<3

crazybeautifulsims whispered: wcif miranda's hair? thanks!

Here it is (:

Axel: “YOU STINK!”
Zane: “And?”

sprinklesobourbon whispered: Do you use delphy's dashboard, and Cc magic? I use those programs to make sure i don't have any bad CC and the CC magic is for sims packs. also have you tried merging your packages?

I use the Dashboard, but not CC Magic. 

I’ve merged many, many packages together. In fact, something I’ve done that’s helped my game pick up speed is to remove 2 merged clothes files and 2 merged hair files from my CC folders. Losing 3GB worth of custom content actually really helped out with the lag. (‘:

Sisters ~<3

Miranda: “The answer is… melons.”
Emily: “Don’t give me WRONG answers! HELP ME!”
Miranda: “I’m serious! Melons!”
Emily: “THIS IS MATH!”